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Summer hiatus
June 26th, 2016

A very brief update regarding my YouTube channel:
At this time of the year many people tend to spend their summer holidays running around like headless chickens stressing out trying to relax as efficiently as possible. While for me personally summer isn't that much different outside of getting slowly cooked in the unbearable heat and almost nobody in my family is in the habit of going on grand vacations, we do still have our own tiny yearly gatherings and that means I won't have such an easy and continuous access to my PC or even the Internet most of the time. THAT in turn means I won't be able to or wanting to record, edit or upload anything for the next week, or quite possibly two weeks, so I'm just giving you a heads up that there absolutely won't be any Hitman videos published between 27th of June and 3rd of July. Knowing that this happens every summer I tried to record something in advance so there wouldn't be a hole in the schedule, but unfortunately whenever I sat down to record the Hitman servers were down for maintenance or I just experienced a lot of disconnections which slowed the progress of getting a video done. Yes, always online DRM is a great invention, who really wants to just sit down and play video games anyway?
While I should be mostly home by next week I still can't say anything for sure about 4th of July and onwards because from past experience I know people in my family have a habit of making plans without telling others about them until the day before and I honestly don't know where and when I might be on which days, I just go with the flow. More importantly I don't know when the Hitman servers are up so that's another wrench in the proverbial duck's buttocks.

I skipped last week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl entirely, although I'm not sure if anybody even noticed. I was thinking about just publishing the weekly brawl videos on Saturdays from now on because of how tired and out of it I was recording the week 24 brawl and realized it would be better to record them during the daytime, but then I didn't record week 25 at all. I admit it was half honestly forgetting about it, half me not giving a shit and half it not being worth the time for the amount of attention the Hearthstone videos get. A year's worth of ad revenue from the videos probably wouldn't even cover the cost of electricity needed to power my PC during the recording and editing of those videos.
Since it's almost definitely a possible fact and potentially 100% certain that I will also not be recording week 26 Tavern Brawl for the reason mentioned earlier, I might just make it a trend and give Hearthstone up entirely for now.

Ultimate Doom is still getting published every day until 2nd of July despite all of this summer hustle and bustle because I have everything done already. It's all scheduled for release, the rest of Inferno will go up even if I were to somehow be violently decapitated in a friendly game of badminton, just as long as YouTube doesn't screw anything up. I believe I've also already stated that I have no plans to record Thy Flesh Consumed, the additional 4th episode taking place sometime after Inferno. I don't see the need to do it, it feels out of place compared to the original three and getting 100% kills in the first two levels is a genuine bitch.

That's it for now, I only took out a bit of time from my busy schedule of self-pleasuring and pooping to write this post before my adoring fans around the world waiting for the next Hitman method video start going mad and throwing themselves off rooftops when they see nothing new uploaded on Monday.

Be Seeing You (in a week or two if my head and eyes are still intact)
-Johnny Fox