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I'm totes DOOMed, yo
June 5th, 2016

So, Overwatch was released. I played it intensively for the first couple of days and after that mostly continued with the rest of my life playing it only in short bursts, now I actually haven't played it at all in the past few days and am not seeing any open timeslots for it in my timetable for the near future. I'll try to hop in a game when I can, but I have good reasons for why I can't. First of all it's an online game so it naturally requires online connection, but seeing as I spend a lot of time uploading videos on YouTube and for some strange reason lately uploading a video completely jams my Internet connection, anytime I'm uploading I probably wouldn't even be able to connect to the servers. Second reason is that I also have to edit and render the videos I'm going to upload and the rendering would eat up some of the processing power and the game would have occasional stutter and while I do try to organize the rendering and uploading for nights when I'm in bed it doesn't always work out like that. Third reason is that before I can even edit the videos I'm going to upload I first have to record them and before that I usually practice what I'm going to record and I can't play two games at once. Don't bother telling me I could just play Hitman with my feet and Overwatch with my hands, the issue isn't the amount of useful appendages I have sticking out of my body, the problem is the lack of eyes and brains. I mean I can't look at or process the information on two screens at once, it's just not doable yet. Maybe next year I'll grow another head.
The final reason is that even when it's physically possible for me to play Overwatch I'm not always in the mood for all that salt. The chat is fairly often taken over by people moaning that everyone else sucks and they personally got screwed by being placed on a noob team playing against bullshit Hanzos and Bastions when they themselves were the worst players in the match, spending most of their playtime time either soloing or sitting at spawn and typing expletives in chat because neither their own nor the enemy team changed their heroes when he told them to. Can't wait for the Competitive mode, maybe when that comes out these self-proclaimed pro gamers will either move there to get beaten or have no excuse for why they spend their time getting their asses handed to them in casual mode.
Still, Overwatch is fun. Thought I'd add that to lighten the mood

A man explains how stress and anxiety caused his left arm lock in place while 47 tries to relieve the muscle tension with a massageHitman Episode 3 was released last week and I already published my story playthrough of it on Friday. The Hitman video this upcoming Monday is not going to be taking place in that episode, however, instead it's a requested method of killing the targets way back in the Paris mission. The first Marrakesh method video involving a turret will be out on Wednesday the 8th and the third Sarajevo Six contract will go public on Friday the 10th. Beyond those I can only guess that Sniper Assassin method is possibly going to be out on Friday of week 24, but definitely not on Monday. It would appear Monday might be a Mooseday, and something involving toilets will come out sometime in week 25. Those are just mostly my assumptions of what I can do based on my current progress in unlocking new items and looking at the challenges. I haven't actually yet learned all the ins and outs of the level and considering how long it took me to realize that there was a stalactite you can drop on the virus in Sapienza I can say that you shouldn't believe everything I say.
If you want to know my current opinion on the level itself, it's too hard for me to actually give. After a month of replaying the same level over and over anything new will seem awesome and I remember being terribly excited when I first got to play Sapienza, it just looked like it had endless opportunities. Towards the end of May, though, I wasn't so sure about how much fun the level actually was anymore. Now Marrakesh has wowed me less than Sapienza did at first, but that really doesn't mean anything this early. Could be there's more to Marrakesh than meets the eye and I'll end up loving it, but for now I actually feel like playing NOLF again instead.

Tomorrow, that being Monday the 6th, I am going to start uploading a little game called DOOM, or Ultimate DOOM to be more precise. That's the old one in case you're confused, what with there now being another game out called Doom. I've watched some gameplay of the new one that seems to corroborate the stories of it being really awesome and would absolutely love to play it myself, but considering my backlog of games and the amount of recent gaming related purchases I've made I cannot justify getting the game at full price. I couldn't really justify a lot of purchases I've made, unfortunately I have to draw the line somewhere and that's here and now, at Doom. Luckily my backlog of games does include several classic first-person shooters like Doom 2, Blood and Shadow Warrior (new and old) which can satisfy my desires until I can get Doom at a discount or just at a better time to play it. That's kind of what sparked my decision to record the classic Doom, because I figured I should play it through before playing Doom 2 for the first time and while playing it I decided it would be fun to record and upload it as well.
The Ultimate DOOM videos will go public one level per day, everyday at 3 AM UTC until I see <spoiler>a bunny skewered on a stake</spoiler>. That's 27 days of DOOM. Or should be, I only have Knee-Deep in the Dead in the can thus far so it's possible things go wrong for the videos after that. I am planning on skipping Thy Flesh Consumed, the 4th episode they added in the Ultimate release that kicks of with absolutely insane first two levels, as well as Final Doom which I haven't even touched at all and hear mixed things of. I aim to do Doom 2 next month, but seeing as I haven't ever played it before I can't be sure. I mean, it could suck, right?

In other uninteresting news, some games I've been playing and not playing:
I recently received my free pre-release copy of Uncharted 4. Haven't had time to install it yet but I'll try to publish my review of it in time for it's upcoming relea-- oh, the game was already out when I got my game. I was wondering why they gave ME a pre-release copy instead of someone more important. Oh well, it's a free game and the different packaging and CD print makes it a nice collectable. However I am not in a hurry to play it. I liked Uncharted 2 and 3, but not necessarily enough to not play something else given the choice and a lot of people have told me that Uncharted 4 has more story than gameplay and I am not in the mood for story over gameplay right now. Also, if you're confused, no I was not given the game to review it, I got it because it became useless to the company handling them here after the official release and I know some people.
I played a bit of a game called Dangerous Golf released last Friday, thinking it might be a fun little golf game I could potentially even upload on Tuesdays or Sundays or something, but I'm not too fond of the gameplay. In videos and screenshots it looked like it was golf indoors with destructible environments, but it's really not golf at all, just a game where a golf ball is chucked at piles of plates and shelves full of cans to score points and then almost automatically dropped in a hole. That can be fun for some and people have been comparing it to Burnout's Crash mode, but I found the actual gameplay too shallow, loading times too long and destruction not fantastic looking enough. I also have no idea how the ball is supposed to be controlled in Smashbreaker, I know it's left stick but the directions the ball goes in when I push the left stick aren't consistent between tries and I'm thinking I missed some trick somewhere.
You can rename towns to silly things like Boogerbutt, Titfart or Vancouver in this gameI've also been playing a bit of a game called Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville, a 4x strategy game where you and a few fellow survivors try to claim back cities one block at a time to repopulate after a zombie apocalypse destroyed everything, all the while scavenging for supplies, warring and allying with other survivor factions and generally just trying to keep the zombies that are always knocking at your door at bay. I had my doubts considering it's a zombie survival game in a series originally developed for the intelligent phones kids use these days and the screenshots and gameplay footage didn't promise much, but it's actually a really good game. The only two negative things that I've experienced so far are the usual 4x strategy problem with ending up in a rut where you're neither losing nor making any real progress for an extended period of time towards the latter half of a game and the random(?) events repeating a lot. I put the question mark at the end to imply that the volume at which the events appear makes them feel like they're no longer random, just continuously repeating.
I haven't played Hearthstone at all since I recorded the previous Tavern Brawl and as such the next Tavern Brawl video won't have as many pack openings at the end as I usually do because I don't have an excess of gold from daily quests. I like to keep a minimum of 500 gold at all times just in case and I am not paying any more real money for the game until next year, so no packs. Just thought I'd tell you.

That's about it. As an ending message I would like to remind you that a new game called Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter is getting released next Friday and if the previous games in this amazing series, such as Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Crimes and Punishments and Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper are anything to go by this game is going to be absolutely superb and well worth the purchase. Forget what I wrote about inflated backlogs and decreased spending, this game deserves the money and time put into it.

Be Seeing You
-Johnny Fox