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May 16th, 2016

Punk TracerI don't know if you've heard as it has gone a bit under everybody's radar, but there's a game called 'Overwatch' getting released on the 24th of this month from this little company called 'Blizzard' who have some mild successes under their belt. Well, Overwatch had an open beta recently and out of interest I downloaded it for the PlayStation 4, not thinking I'd necessarily even get to playing it because I've never really been big on online multiplayer games. I let it sit on the dashboard for two days until on Saturday I figured I have a little free time and might as well try it for a bit and maybe record an hour or two of gameplay footage to upload on my YouTube channel.
Within the next 60 hours I had played for 26 hours and had recorded 16 hours of video. The game's pretty good. I had bags under my very bloodshot eyes, I had a headache and my sleep schedule was screwed for the following week and the smoldering lump that used to be my brain was thanking my bad luck of not knowing the open beta was extended by one day at the end. The point of this story is that I have some Overwatch gameplay videos coming out Tuesdays and Saturdays and besides that you should not expect much extra stuff on my channel after the 24th of this month.

Hitman's very first Elusive Target was finally out on Friday and I was planning to possibly upload my go at  it, but I couldn't produce a very interesting video. I made the "mistake" of going in completely blind for fun and trusting only Diana's briefing, which wasn't accurate. Diana told me to look for the target on the upper floors, but he was never there when I looked there during the first 50+ minutes I spent running around the level like a jackass. At some point I suddenly ran into the target on the first floor, followed him and dropped a chandelier on him. On top of the very long running time and anticlimactic ending I also killed a non-target, because the game has a glitch where sometimes people you knock out will die instead of going unconscious and because elusive targets are one try only I wanted a good disguise for upper floors to be safe. So it was a messy hour-long run that ends with a guy getting a chandelier dropped on him as if he was any other NPC. Not very interesting.
On the subject of Hitman, I've got Wednesday's method video done and after that I have 4 more planned. I don't know when the next episode of the game is going to be released but unless it's before the end of this month there's possibly going to be a break in Hitman content at the start of the next month and the Mon-Wed-Fri uploads might switch to something else for a while. I'm very confused on when the episodes are supposed to be released as people tell me different things. Some say they're supposed to come out once a month and others have told me they come out every two months, and for some reason before people were telling me either things I was under the impression the episodes would get released every 6 weeks.

I changed my schedule page a bit. Previously only videos I had already uploaded and scheduled for release were listed, but with what I'm uploading and when I figured having a schedule for that only is almost useless. For example I aim to upload Hearthstone Tavern Brawls every Thursday, but seeing as the earliest I can even record them is 19 hours before the video goes public, updating the schedule like I used to just doesn't work. So now I've decided to predict video dates as far into the future as I feasibly can and unless I experience technical difficulties the list should be fairly accurate. When you look at the schedule, any info inside the yellow boxes is almost set in stone and should only change due to special circumstances, but any info in white boxes is something I'm aiming at doing yet suspect I might not actually be able to. That means that if a yellow box says Hitman but a white box next to it says "Quack" it means that on that day a Hitman video is indeed coming but it might instead be called "Moo!"

On top of the usual crap I do, I was thinking I might start giving my opinions on the monthly PS+ games, at first in written form and later, if I can get a microphone working and accumulate some guts, also do it on video. I'm already acquainted with 4 of this month's 6 games and I was planning to spend last week on playing the rest and writing about them all since I had the Hitman videos done well ahead of time, but then Overwatch. Now I'm going to spend the rest of this week on recording Hitman again, but maybe next wee-- oh, wait, no. OverwatchJunkrat.
I don't know, I'll see what I can do.

Be Overwatching You
-Johnny Fox