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April 29th, 2016

Previously I wrote about my expectations regarding the next batch of Hitman videos, my plans of recording Dark Cloud and how my video publishing schedule will likely change, and to update you on these things I can say everything's going approximately as I thought.

I have been practicing Dark Cloud to get acquainted with it so the potential walkthrough won't be too terrible and so far so good. 20 hours in I am halfway through the Sun/Moon temple and I while I admit that the randomness and the very missable miracle chests and events one must constantly keep an eye out for definitely make a playthrough of any kind slightly tougher, I have faith in my ability to make the videos a relatively smooth watch. First of all I have a fairly good understanding of how to build the towns with 100% completion right off the bat, I understand the strategies of beating MOST of the enemies, I so far have no reason to believe grinding or farming of any kind is going to be necessary and I should be able to complete a large number of dungeon floors in a row without exiting for resupplies. I also know how not to miss a few special events by doing certain things in a certain order.

Hitman's second episode, titled World of Tomorrow, was released on 26th and I have already published my story playthrough of it on YouTube. It is a great level with a lot of potential and while I may just be suffering from Showstopper burnout I do dare say that this new level is much more fun than Paris. Upcoming videos of the new Sapienza level that I can pretty much guarantee to appear on my channel are the Sarajevo Six contract and method videos of the actual mission with both targets killed with cannons, therapist/golfer disguise kills, can of spaghetti, exploding golf ball, sniper assassin, dead mother scare, escape plane shot down, propane tank in the chimney and naturally the ever popular thing that surprisingly many people actually hate seeing; Silent Assassin, Suit Only. Those are the methods I've detected thus far, however I have only 7 hours of practice in the level so I am far from being able to tell exactly how many videos I'll make in the end. The key thing to figuring out the final number is that I believe there are more potential strategies to approacing Silvio Caruso than there are for Francesca, and so the videos are based on those minus any strategies that technically apply for both targets. I don't want to do the exact same thing over and over again, and due to the fact that destroying the virus is an objective with limited options I already have to repeat a few steps in each video anyway. That means there's likely to be 10 or 11 Hitman videos taking place in Sapienza, and I hope that's enough to last until the next missions gets released.

The video schedule will change to my proposed Mon/Wed/Fri schedule come the 2nd of May, and there will likely not be anything going public on this Saturday. The reasons for why nothing is going up on Saturday are many, one of the most pressing being that I have nothing I really care to publish ready. I've been fighting with Windows 10 a lot trying to get software and hardware to work, and the latest issue has been my inability to get any gaming controllers to work right, which I spent a full day trying to do. Apparently Windows 10 was somewhat recently updated to have better support for DirectX 12, which then broke support for pretty much everything else, including the drivers for their own Xbox controllers somehow. After a lot of searching for help, downloading and installing suspicious software and driver updates and crying in silence, the only thing I think would work is to download working Xbox One controller drivers from a 3rd party source and force an update. Problem is, that's for Xbox controllers only, which is not what I have and will apparently never have, because when Microsoft products keep burning me I don't see why I should invest even more into them.

Another thing that took time away from creating videos I could have published on Saturday is that I created videos I published under stealth of the game mentioned in the title up top. Hearthstone's newest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, launched last Wednesday along with the new Standard and Wild modes for constructed while Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes were essentially retired from the public eye, and this threshold of new age in the game prompted me to start recording Hearthstone. Because Hearthstone as an online CCG is a bottomless well of content, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get these kind of videos out the fastest way possible by minimizing render and upload times.
Three videos have gone public already, two pack opening videos and one with actual matches, although most people may have not noticed it. As I am still uncertain of how I will handle the Hearthstone content and how my existing active subscriber base will respond to it I decided to publish the videos "silently", meaning that subscribers aren't notified when they go public. I will continue to do it this way with Hearthstone until I've figured out exactly what and when and how and possibly even why, and then if, or quite probably when I've straightened everything out I'll start publishing them right to subs' inboxes. If I must hazard a guess of what and when without thinking, as is normal for me, I'll predict weekly Tavern Brawls on Saturdays and Arena runs on Tuesdays.

I also keep getting the occasional request to start doing commentary in videos and/or livestream. Well, let me disappoint most people who visit my channel by saying that unfortunately that's the plan. Yes, I am planning to start using my voice and charming accent, and I have had my eye on livestreaming for ages now. I even livestreamed on Twitch several years ago, but my biggest obstacle has always been my Internet upload speed which still somewhat cripples me today. With uploading videos to YouTube upload speed isn't as big of an issue since if you start uploading a video in 2012 it'll probably be done by 2017, but slow connection on a livestream means the picture is either porridge or jerky. With my sudden interest in showing everyone how much I suck playing Hearthstone, livestreaming and adding commentary in videos seems not only plausible but smart. Hearthstone demands less bytes per second as far as the streaming of visuals go so even with the connection to the game servers using some bandwidth streaming it is doable. I could also then just pull the vods to my YouTube account, saving me some time and energy while beefing up the Hearthstone playlist. Hearthstone is also a game I think benefits from the player/s actually voicing their thoughts, if any, as different people's minds go in different circles.

So there, that's my Friday spent on writing all this bullcrap. Now I have to proofread this and go put a pizza in the oven before MacGyver starts.


Be Seeing You
-Johnny Fox